Wednesday, April 18, 2012

True Happiness...Joy

The latest "fad" on Facebook is to post all sorts of "posters" with quotes on them.  Most of them are inspirational, some are funny, some are sarcastic, but I see a theme in a lot of them...happiness.  It seems like so many people are searching for happiness, and they somehow feel like they have to first go through despair or heartache before they reach that happiness they so long for.

As you know, if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, I'm not always happy.  It's hard to be happy when you're cleaning up puke 30 minutes after you just cleaned up poop, all the while your child has been screaming the ENTIRE day and your husband is out of town!!  But I find joy in even the littlest things throughout my day.  And joy is different than happiness.

Joy is that realization that not only did my baby NOT die, but that she is going to do things NOBODY ever thought possible.

Joy is that smile that I see first thing in the morning when I go into Sadie's room.

Joy is that giggle that I hear every night when we first get into the tub.

Joy is realizing my daughter loves me even more than I love her (if that's even possible).

And sure, she may not always make me happy...even if she can't help it.  But I am always joyful of her cute face and her soft skin and her beautiful hair.  And for me, I had to go through heartache before I realized this joy...but I don't think it's a requirement.

What do you find joy in in your daily life?  Is it your children?  Your family?  Your job?  Don't forget to recognize it when it comes creeping in...especially on those days when you are NOT happy!

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