Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bump Watch - 13 weeks

So, I've been sick.  Really sick.  It was sort of a weird phenomenon.  I mean, I didn't feel well in the morning, but I brushed it off to pregnancy.  Then in the afternoon I fell asleep on the couch and had a really hard time waking up.  I had to get up when Sadie threw up and needed a bath, but I couldn't manage undressing her because I was so grossed out.  Okay, seriously... Sadie pukes ALL. THE. TIME. and I've never been so grossed out by it.  But I was gagging so much I had to ask Brian to help get her undressed.  And he got all annoyed and told me I was being overdramatic.

In the tub I started to feel sick again (Sadie and I usually take baths together), and after Brian came to get Sadie out, I finally threw up.  I thought, "great, now I'll feel better!"  So, I ate some cauliflower for dinner.  But it didn't help.  So, I tried a couple of crackers.  I ended up throwing all that up again.  It was so horrible too, like I couldn't catch my breath I was throwing up so much!  I just laid on the floor and cried, then I went to lay down in bed.

But my tummy still wasn't right.  I thought I was probably just really hungry since I didn't really eat much all day and now I've thrown up I had a bowl of cereal.  I should have just stayed in bed.  The cereal didn't help.  I was able to help put Sadie to bed, and then I was back in the bathroom.

At that point I gave up.  I just brushed my teeth and went to bed.  I was trying to take small sips of water and stay hydrated, but my tummy just wasn't right.  An hour later when Brian came to bed, I threw up again.  Just water.  And 3 more times after that throughout the night.

I started to get worried that I was going to get dehydrated.  I laid in bed thinking which neighbor I could call to come sleep at our house while we went to the ER because I was going to need an IV.  I've only been sick like this once (remember the food poisoning incident?) and I wasn't pregnant then.  So, I didn't know what to do or how much in danger this baby was.  (I'm still a little worried about it, actually, because the one time I was sick when I was pregnant with Sadie was when I believe I got the Group B Strep and when she got sick.)

Then the diarrhea started.  My body must have been poisoned and was just trying to purge everything.  I didn't have a fever or anything, just sick.  Really really sick.

The next morning I called the midwife.  Her nurse told me if I kept throwing up throughout the day to go to the ER to hydrate.  But luckily, I was done, my body just needed a day to recover.  I was helpless.  Luckily Chelsea (our respite provider) came over and took care of Sadie.  When she got here Sadie was only half dressed and hadn't been fed, but I just couldn't move off the couch.  And I spent the day in bed.  She also brought me popsicles and jello because the nurse told me those would be gentler on my stomach than guzzling water.

Last night I did manage to eat some pasta and some bread and I feel better today, still weak, but better.  But since I haven't showered since Monday and since I've lost 4 lbs being sick, I'm not going to supply you with a bumpdate picture.  It's not a big deal...I look the same as last week, only grosser! haha

So, here goes...

How far along?  13 weeks!!

Weight Gain? So, on Tuesday I weighed myself for no good reason, but I'm glad I did, on Tuesday I was +11 pounds, but then I lost almost 4 lbs from being sick!!  Not good when you're preggies, but I guess that's what a popsicle and jello diet will do to you!!

What's up with my Body?  If I spend too much time on my feet I feel weak.  The other day I went to the post office and there was a line out the door.  I had to sit down and lean when I could, I thought I was going to pass out!  Same happened when I stood at the sink and did the dishes!  But now that I look back...I could have been getting sick.

Sadie is getting heavy.  It's getting harder and harder to carry her anywhere.  If Brian is home I will often ask him to bring her wherever I need her to change her dipe or get in the tub or feed her.

I'm still enjoying a nap when I can get one!!

Food Cravings?  Potatoes.  Brian makes these awesome potatoes that no matter how hard I try I just can't replicate.  He tells me he's sick of potatoes, but it's nice of him to make them for me anyway!!

Movement?  I have felt some since last week, but not a lot.

Gender? I'm starting to think that I'd really like another little girl (although I wouldn't be disappointed with a boy).  I love all the pink and the frillys and the hair bows and the dresses!!  Plus, I just don't really want to deal with the whole circumcision issue, honestly. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Looking forward to getting my energy back.  I'm starting to feel more energy and I don't need a nap EVERY day like I did before.  It's nice to wake up in the morning and feel like I can face the day (that might be also because Sadie sleeps all night now)

What I'm not looking forward to:  Sadie getting heavier and me getting bigger.  This girl needs to learn to walk! hahaha

Best moment of the week:  Going to the park with my new neighbor friend, Laura.  Sadie went on the swings for a long time and was really happy!

Worst moment of the week: Being really really sick

I'm adding a new feature to my weekly bumpdates...

How baby's growing: Fingerprints have formed and my baby is the size of a shrimp!!  

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