Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We didn't do an egg hunt or give presents in an Easter basket, but we still had a good day hanging out with family.  And honestly, we have lots of time in our future to do those other things...and take our picture with the Easter Bunny.

Sadie was crabby today, it was just like old times.  She had to take 15 minute reset naps all day, with the paci and everything!!  It's been a loooooooong time since that's happened!  But she didn't sleep well last night, so she'd been up since probably about 3:00am.  By the time we got home from Granpa's and Nana's, she was so tired her eyes were all red and she was all spaced out.

But in between crabby times, she was her wonderful, happy self.  And she did something she's never done before.  She actually held onto her maraca and purposefully shook it and tried to put it in her mouth. It's made out of wood and it's pretty heavy, so I was really impressed.

Here are some videos of her doing this...

First the right hand, which is actually her weak side

Then the left hand, she was a little more adventurous on this side

Later, after she had another "reset nap" we put Sadie in her Happy Chair to show Grandpa how cool it is (he was sleeping when she was in it earlier in the day).  She doesn't have a shirt on because her dress was getting all bunched up in the back when we'd put her in her chair, so we just took it off!!  Check her out though...big sitter!

Overall we had a good day...and we were thankful in the car on the way home that Sadie isn't like this everyday anymore.  It's been a long time since she's been grumpy like today, and thank God!!

Happy Easter everyone!!

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