Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bump Watch - 16 Weeks

It's amazing that I am growing a tiny human being in my stomach.  And it's even more amazing that God already knows and ordained this little life.  I know that pregnancy is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to even experience this.  I am housing the creation of life!!  And all these little nuisances (like tiredness, nausea, skin stretching, and labor) are totally worth it!!

On to the Bumpdate!!

How far along?  16 weeks!  Getting up at 7:00 isn't so hard anymore, and I'm starting to want to do "projects"... even though I don't.  

Weight Gain? Okay, so I weighed myself this week.  I'm 18 pounds in.  I guess that's okay, right?

What's up with my Body?  Still itchy.  The dry, hot weather isn't helping that.  And the fact that Sadie and I are going swimming weekly (sometimes twice weekly) also isn't helping.  I think it's time to convince someone that "the baby" needs me to get lotion back rubs every night!

Heartburn heartburn heartburn!!!  With Sadie I had a little bit of heartburn, but I quickly figured out that peanuts were the culprit and I stopped eating them...and it was gone.  Seems like this baby is determined to burn out my throat!!  I have NO IDEA how people deal with this on a regular basis.  It is the most unpleasant and uncomfortable thing makes me not want to eat!

I'm having a lot of stretching and cramping throughout the day, I guess this means baby is growing!  I read that baby is going to double in size in the next couple of I guess I should be expecting more of this!  

And it's getting harder everyday to bend over and pick something up!  Time to start sqatting!

Food Cravings?  I still want potato chips.  And popsicles.  Still.

Movement? Still waiting for that moment when I am SURE it's baby and that it starts happening more and more frequently.

Gender? My dreams are evolving into having a girl dreams.  I don't know if this is because I want a girl, or because it is a girl.  We'll know for sure in just a couple more weeks!

What I'm looking forward to:  I signed up to volunteer at the Just Between Friends sale in Scottsdale in a couple of weeks.  It's like a GIANT garage sale of just baby and kid stuff.  By volunteering I get to shop the deals early!!  The only bad part is that the sale is before I find out the sex...oh well, I can buys stuff for Sadie!!

Best moment of the week:  Showering with Sadie.  I sit her in her Bumbo and she loves to be sprayed with the shower head!!  She's such a big girl!

Worst moment of the week: Sadie got sick on Tuesday.  It was so sad, she threw up everywhere in the pool during Physical Therapy.  She just sat all day totally lethargic, hooked up to the pump with pedialyte.  She's better now though...I don't know if it was teething related, or if she had a bug, but she was so sad.

How baby's growing: Baby B is the size of an avocado this week.  He/she is also starting to look more like a human...eyes in front of head, ears on sides, arms and legs long, and head erect.  He/she is growing toenails and his/her heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood each day!!!

I have a silly look on my face, but it's a good pic of my belly!

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