Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PT in the pool!!

Today we had Physical Therapy in the swimming pool!!  It was such a perfect day for us to do it, and since our community pool is heated, it's open all year...which means we don't have to wait another month to be able to swim!!  And they are so nice in the office, because I have to buy a punch card to come swim, and they don't punch Sadie, and they told me they won't punch Denise either (our PT) since we're coming to do therapy.

I think we're going to start coming every Tuesday for the rest of the summer.  Sadie loves the water so much, and it was such a good time of day, and it gets us out of the house (without having to drive very far...the pool is less than 2 miles away).

long legs!!

Denise did a lot of the same things I do with Sadie in the pool, like dragging her, swinging her around in a circle, and just letting her kick on her own.  But she also did more that I don't do... therapy stuff like stretching her hands or her ankles.  It was good for me to see so that we can try to replicate it another day of the week (maybe Saturday?).

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this "new" kind of therapy takes Sadie and I look forward to having a great summer in the pool!!

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