Friday, April 13, 2012

Our no good very bad horrible awful day

Misery loves company, right?

Let me tell you about our no good very bad horrible awful day...

Sadie woke up at 6:00.  Actually, this wasn't so bad, she didn't scream, she just did her yelling telling me she wanted me to come get her up now.  I imagine if she could talk, she'd be yelling, "Mama, come get me!"  And I made her wait another hour before I actually went in there.  Still, 7:00 is early...for both of us.  But she was COVERED in puke-drool when I got her out of bed.  And I spent a good 10 minutes combing it all out of her hair.  She must have been laying there awake a long time before she finally told me she wanted me.

And she was happy initially when she got up.  I didn't have to tube feed her breakfast, she actually ate it just fine.  But then the mouth ouchies came, and I started to smell something weird.

We've been struggling with the left bottom molar for a week now.  I remember her being like this when the right one came in and it was horrible...are all 4 really going to come separately like this???

I picked Sadie up to check and she had blown out her diaper...again.  She's had a SERIOUS blowout everyday this week!!  This one required clean clothes, a clean blanket on the chillout chair, as well as some disinfecting and sunshine, complete with gagging from Mama.  Sadie is the Queen of the land of Poopsplosia, she earned her crown this week!

At that point I started a load of laundry on the sanitize cycle.

Then she ate again around 9:45...and then gagged on her drool and barfed it all up again.  Another blanket change, more sunshine disinfectant, clean clothes for Mama and Sadie.  And I was ready to start another load on the sanitize cycle.

And the Advil I had given her likely came up too, so the pain was never relieved.

By this time it was around 10:00 and Sadie's vision therapist said she'd be here around 10:15.  So I laid Sadie on her therapy table with her toys and left her there.  She was NOT my favorite person at that moment in time.  She's lucky she got clothes, if therapy wasn't coming, I might have left her in her diaper!!

When Amy from Foundation for Blind Children came she goes, "um...I think she threw up a little more." By the time I picked Sadie up, she had successfully rolled her hair all around in it.  I found it a little hard to believe she had anything left in her tummy to throw up, but she proved me wrong, and she thought it was funny.

I thought I wanted to be someone else's mom today.  I went and took a shower while the therapist played with Sadie...I needed a break, because I was going to have to comb out more puke hair when Amy was gone.

We had an appointment to have Sadie's hands measured for splints today at 3:00, which meant we needed to leave around 2:00.  Sadie decided to scream the whole time until it was time to go.

I fed her again after therapy and left the bib on hour later, the bib was so wet with drool I could have wrung it out in the sink.  She was obviously in pain...but I wish she could have been in pain more quietly.

Finally I was able to give her more Advil, and some Ativan.  Then she wanted to sleep, but it was time to leave.  If we didn't have to go she probably would have slept in my arms for a half hour or more.  That pacifier just felt. so. good.

Luckily, the medicine worked.  It calmed her down, and eased her misery a little.  We had a good appointment, then we went across the street and visited our friends at Ryan House.  They are so nice there and they love Sadie so much that they really cheered me up.

I felt much better driving home, I even called my mom!

When we got home, the weather had cooled down and there was a nice breeze, so we went to sit outside.  Sadie worked on her ouchie mouth (quietly) while listening to Elmo songs.  And I knitted (I'm making myself a sweater!!)

And before we knew it Daddy was home (he has been gone since Tuesday)...and all was right with the world again.

Even though you all probably don't care...somehow it just feels better writing this all down.

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  1. ((awwww ))) You poor things. I hope she feels better.