Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bump Watch - 24 weeks

We met again for our Family Circle group Prenatal appointment.  Then I got a mini-lecture from Brian about my weight and my eating habits.  So, yesterday I started eating better...more protein, less salt and carbs (even though they are so yummy!) and more fruit.  I'll admit I do feel better and have more energy.  It just takes more work to prepare eggs or oatmeal for breakfast than to have a bowl of cereal!

We played this "game" at our meeting where there were a bunch of cups with pregnancy ailments written on them, then we grabbed some beads and put beads into the cups of the things we're experiencing.  There were quite a few, things like vericose veins, constipation, extra peeing, extra tiredness, swelling, bleeding gums, etc.  Brian looks at them all and goes, "Man!  You guys go through a lot of shit being pregnant!!"  It felt good to have him acknowledge that it's not that easy to grow a baby! haha.

How far along?  24 weeks...I am the baby of our Family Circle.  I'm so afraid we're going to have that last meeting and they're all going to have their babies and I'm still going to be pregnant!!

Weight Gain?  I'm at about +35 pounds.  I'd like to weigh in at our next Family Circle and have gained 5 lbs or less.

What's up with my Body?  I'm pretty sure I pulled a rib out of place.  This could be pregnancy related, sadie-lifting related, or just a random thing that happened.  I've done it before, so I know how it feels.  It hurts and is hard to get in a comfortable position.  I'm seeing the chiropractor today, so it'll hopefully be better soon and not return on our vacation!  

I'm also excited to see the chiropractor because she's certified in prenatal chiropractic (I actually found her when I was pregnant the first time!) and she'll stretch my round ligaments and other things that have shifted and are uncomfortable.  My round ligaments officially hurt.  It feels good to get in the pool and be weightless and stretch things out, so I've been trying to do that Sadie LOVES to swim!

Sleeping: Sleeping is starting to go downhill.  I'm not bothered by getting up to pee multiple times a night, because I did that anyway when I wasn't pregnant.  It's more about just laying there awake and hot and uncomfortable.  It might be almost time to start getting all the pillows!

Movement? Sometimes when I'm sitting here with my computer resting on my belly and it'll bounce.  So funny.  

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Names? I have it narrowed down to 3... Brian is not that helpful.  I spent a lot of time last week just throwing names at him to see which would stick.  Unfortunately, the ones he liked ended up being too popular (Ethan) or a Twilight name (Jasper)...which I had no idea because I know nothing about Twilight, but I can see them becoming more popular as baby names.

Best moment of the week: We got Sadie's new bed on Sunday!!  And it wasn't so much about the bed that made it the best moment, we bought it from friends who have a little boy with special needs that is almost exactly 6 months older than Sadie.  I like being around this family.  We get to bounce ideas off each other and compare and contrast our kiddos.  My friend (the mom) told me that she really felt like Sadie is all there mentally, and she can tell by how she interacts with her surroundings.  That made me feel good.  Then she texted me this morning and told me that her husband can't stop talking about how cute Sadie is and that they decided that Sadie and Seth (their son with special needs) should be boyfriend and girlfriend!!  That warmed my heart...I know, it has nothing to do with being pregnant! haha

What I'm looking forward to: We're leaving for Texas on Saturday.  I'm excited to be at a resort/hotel with a pool we can go in everyday.  I'm also excited for a change of scenery and to see things I've never seen before.  I'm excited to get to spend some time with my cousin and meet her "other half" as well as see Brian's childhood friend who I was acquaintances with in college, but never really considered a friend.  They have a son who is literally 2 weeks younger than Sadie.  I'm also excited to go to Sea World.  If we do nothing else while we're in Texas, I at least want to go to Sea World!!

How baby's growing: My baby weighs just over a pound and is about a foot long.  He is started to fill out and gain weight.  His brain is growing quickly, his taste buds are developing, and his lungs are continuing to get ready to breathe air.  Soon, his skin will start to change from translucent to opaque.

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