Monday, June 18, 2012

Mommy & Me Monday #6 - the backyard pool

A few months ago I made a ball pit.  I bought an inflatable pool to put all the balls in.  My goal was that I'd be able to slide it under Sadie's therapy table when we weren't using it and it'd be out of the way.  However, the pool that I bought was too big to do that.

So, I bought a smaller one.

And then Chelsea and I dragged this one outside and filled it with water.  It's deep enough that Sadie can wear her little neck ring and still float around and be awesome.  I am SO EXCITED to use this like EVERYDAY this summer!!

At first I was all like, "whoa, Sadie's having so much fun and I can sit here and watch her!"

Then I was all, "F-that!  It's 100-and-something degrees out here and I'm pregnant!!"

But then Sadie got cold so Daddy had to come rescue her while I sat and enjoyed myself...if only I could have topped it off with a fruity alcoholic drink in my hand!!

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  1. Oh, yeah..I totally would have been in there with her, too. So glad y'all are enjoying it.