Saturday, June 2, 2012

Button Beauties FAQs

*** How do I order Button Beauties?
                 You can visit the following link for information on how to order button beauties

*** What if I don't have a paypal account?
Unfortunately, paypal is the only method of payment I accept.  I have made special exceptions for those who live locally and want to meet me somewhere and give me cash.  However, paypal is easy to set up and it's free, so I'd encourage you to go ahead and create an account!

*** What if I want to buy fewer than 7 button beauties?
Each Monday I will update my inventory for Mix and Match Monday.  You will be able to purchase single button beauties, as many as you want, while supplies last.
*** Can you get a specific design/fabric that I know my child will love?
I am always willing to try to find a specific kind of fabric that you'd like.  I can't promise, however, that I'll be able to get it.  If you think of something you'd like, please email me at and ask.  I will do my best to get it for you!
*** Can I order button beauties for someone else?
Yes!!  I have lots of grandparents, nurses, etc. place an order and have me send the button beauties to a different address.  It's best to indicate the name and address (if different) in the comments section when you place your order, that way I'll know who to address the envelope to.

*** How long does it take to get my button beauties after I order them?
That's a great question!!  It may only be a couple of days before I get them in the mail, or it may take up to 2 weeks before I can mail them.  It depends on when you order, and how many orders I have ahead of you.  I will email you when your button beauties have been mailed, at that time, if you don't receive them in a reasonable amount of time, please contact me... sometimes they get lost in the mail or come back to me.
*** How do I keep my button beauties from curling up in the wash?
Unfortunately, I don't have the perfect answer for this.  Some of mine have curled too.  I have a front-loading washing machine, and I've found that it helps to wash them in a small mesh bag to keep them out of the catch in the front.  You can also try ironing them to flatten them out.  However, I don't think it has anything to do with the fabric or the way they're sewn, but how "abused" they are in the laundry!

*** How do I know if there is a sale on button beauties?
If I'm having a sale, I will usually advertise on all the appropriate Facebook Pages (ie. Tube Feeding Awareness, Blenderized Food for Tubies, Mommies of Miracles, and various Special Needs Mommy pages).  I would also like to start gathering an email database so that you can receive information by email.  If you'd like to be added to this database, please fill out the survey at this link .

*** Why do you call them Button Beauties?
               I'm an English teacher and I love alliteration (if you don't know what that is, please look it up).  Also, I grew up listening to The Letter People, and I loved Mr. B.  (embedding was disabled for the original audio/video, so this doesn't sound like what I remember listening to.  If you want to hear the original, you can go here

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