Friday, June 29, 2012

The San Antonio Zoo

our family at the zoo!

This was Sadie's first visit to the zoo.  Well, she's been to the Phoenix Zoo, but not to visit the animals...

Unfortunately, while we were in San Antonio, they were experiencing record high temperatures.  So, it was hot hot hot!  But they had enough indoor exhibits that we were able to take breaks and cool off periodically.  She had had a rough night the night before, but she wasn't fussy at all while we were at the zoo.  She was obviously tired (and hot), but she did such a good job enjoying the animals!

We tried to hold Sadie up to look at as many animals as possible.  I think she enjoyed it.  Check out the pictures below...

Sadie and the Komodo Dragon

big huge scary birds
Okay, seriously, I thought the zoo should have been called the San Antonio Bird zoo.  There were so many birds.  And birds freak me out a little bit.  This giant bird was so scary...and right after I took this picture, HE FLEW!!!!  I don't think I've ever flinched so much in my life!!

Sadie saying hello to a reptile that lives in Australia...he has a blue tongue!  Too bad she wasn't allowed to touch him.

Sadie looking at the fishes

I wish I could have captured the big smile on her face as she looked at this giant snake.

Sadie and the giant alligator/crocodile

Sadie and the elephant
I think that Sadie really enjoyed the zoo and I'm curious if we can also enjoy our local zoo here in Phoenix...maybe after the weather cools off!!

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