Friday, June 1, 2012

Sadie's first hand splints

Back in April, we had an appointment for Sadie to be measured and fitted for hand splints.  The idea is that she wears these to help pull out her thumb, which is always tucked around her little fist, and start encouraging more open hands that can be used more effectively (or at all).  The doctor suggested she wear them at night, because she thought Sadie might fight them more during her daily activities.  Today, we went to pick them up.

They're pretty cool.  We got to pick out the color (the pink was a weird hunter-in-the-forest hot pink, so we went with purple instead).  And they seem pretty comfortable.  When the therapist put them on Sadie and molded them to her hands, Sadie didn't seem to mind them at all, and even while I write this, she's been wearing them for almost 2 hours and doesn't seem to be bothered one bit.

I was told that there's no real prescribed time that she should or shouldn't wear these, so if she can tolerate them all day, great.  But if she does wear them all day, we should make sure to take them off at night so her skin can breathe.  I was also cautioned not to let them get too dirty or sweaty.  They can be hand washed and air dried.  They are basically just made out of neoprene, with some velcro on the outside and some moldable plastic on the inside.

The therapist used the microwave to heat them up and make them flimsy, they she put them on Sadie and held them tight until they cooled and hardened to the shape of Sadie's hands and wrists.  I asked her about if they get left in a hot car, she said to try to avoid that, because then they will lose their shape.  But if that does happen, we can just come back and she'll refit them for us!

Overall, I think these are going to be good for Sadie.  I'm glad she's not fighting them, and I think they look cool on her little toddler bowling gloves!! I'm curious to see what her hands look like in 3 months, 6 months, or after a year of wearing them.

Does your kid have hand splints?  Have you found them helpful?  What do you like/dislike about them?  Any tips for me regarding this new addition to Sadie's accessories

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