Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bump Watch - 25 Weeks

The weird thing about my (pregnancy) body is that if I wear the right shirt, you can hardly tell I'm pregnant from the front.  I look a little thick around the middle, but let's face it, nobody is examining my body as closely as I am anyway, right?  So, on the airplane on the way to Texas, I was up and headed for the bathroom at the back of the plane.  I was about 2 rows from the back (you know, where it opens up into that mini cafe and jump seats for the flight attendants) and one of the flight attendants looked right at me and was determined NOT to wait until I took 4-6 more steps and one of us could move out of the way.  I figured she probably had no idea how big I really am.  When she got to me, I didn't move.  She said excuse me, I turned sideways, and she realized she had LESS room than if I faced her! That didn't matter, she squeezed by me anyway, bumping me and forcing me to buckle a little and stick my butt in someone's face.

I'm officially wider if I turn sideways than if I stay's the curse of the Williams hips!!

How far along?  25 weeks...and we start our descent toward 30!!

Weight Gain?  I didn't weigh myself because we were in Texas, and our resort didn't come equipped with a scale in the bathroom!!! haha  But seriously, we did so much walking the the sweaty heat that I probably didn't gain much, if at all!

What's up with my Body?  Well, like I said, I'm growing front ways, not side ways.  This is probably due to what a doctor once referred to as my "snake hips."  My cousins have pretty narrow hips as well, they make for nice small butts!!

My body is feeling pretty good.  I find that I sort of have a blood sugar crash around 10:00-10:30.  If I don't eat and drink plenty by then, I'm miserable.  It's like morning sickness all over again.  However, if I get to that point, usually some water (okay, LOTS of water) and a protein bar or some cheese or even something like Fig Newtons helps a lot.  It also helps a lot that when this happens I'm not in a car driving through windy back roads in Texas's hill country.

Eating better is definitely helping my energy level, as well as my feeling hungry... if I eat good things, I tend to eat less.  But I'm still enjoying some chocolate and the occasional potato chip!  However, I'm finding that the sugary popsicles tend to give me heartburn, which is still my biggest pregnancy complaint!

Sleeping: It's getting harder and harder to sleep all night, which is tough when you're on vacation and there's not a lot to do if you get up early...because there's no internet!!  It seems like my body is done after 5-6 hours...but then I crash around 4:00 in the afternoon.  If I can take a nap, I'm totally taking advantage, even if it's just while we make that hour-long trip back to hill country from "the city."

Movement? I've noticed this week, since we've been doing a lot more walking that during the day (while I'm out and moving around) the baby doesn't move as much...I must be rocking him to sleep with my gait!  Either that or I am just too distracted/busy to notice it much.  But then as soon as I sit down, or if I lay down to go to bed in the evening, he's like a little gymnast in there!!

Gender? It's a boy!  You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

Names? I have decided what name I like best and I'm calling the baby that sort of as a joke...mostly I just say it in front of Brian because I want him to like the name too.  He isn't crazy about it, but I told him that I'm gonna keep calling him that until he gives me a better alternative...which he hasn't yet!!  So far he's come up with Yuri, Yevghani, and Farcy!!

Best moment of the week: Taking Sadie to the zoo.  We actually tried to help her see the animals and interact with them.  It was her first time, and I think she had fun!

What I'm looking forward to: The Olympics! ha!  We don't have TV at our house, so while on vacation we've been watching the Olympic fun.  I love the excitement of watching a competition between people who have worked their whole life for this!  I can't wait for the Olympics to start!

How baby's growing: My baby is the weight of a rutabaga!!  He's starting to fatten up, and he's growing hair!!  ...I wonder if it'll be red like Sadie's?  And curly?  Or if it'll be brown?

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