Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bump Watch - 19 Weeks

I hurt my knee, I'm pretty sure I've torn my miniscus, has anybody done this?  Does it feel like someone is shoving a butterknife under your kneecap and trying to pry it off???  Anyway, the reason I think that is a long and complicated story that may go back to miscommunication about what kind of shoes to wear orthotics in.  The point is, there's nothing I can do about it.  Yesterday was the first day since Sunday (so in 4 days) that it felt good enough that I didn't want to cry.  The midwife told me I could take Advil up until I'm 34 weeks along, but I decided to go homeopathically and try something called Arnica first.  It's like miracle cream.  I was actually shocked at how quickly it helped my pain.  Seriously, if you have a bruise or an aching muscle, get this stuff!!  Next time Brian is complaining about how his back hurts and wants me to rub it, I'm totally using this stuff.

Anyway, the goal is to get through pregnancy with as little pain as possible, then get it fixed.  Here's to 5 more months of knee pain!!

On to the bumpdate...

How far along?  19 weeks!  Almost half way there...or if we're lucky we already are!!

Weight Gain? 

What's up with my Body?  I'm hot.  We officially hit triple digits this week...106.  blech.  

I'm swollen.  The midwife told me that there are 3 factors contributing to this: 1. it's over 100 degrees outside, 2. I need to drink more water, 3. I need to cut down on my sodium.  I took this to mean that I needed to stay inside and drink more water...because I am not ready to cut out my potato chips yet!!

I've started to lose my balance a couple of times.  Unfortunately, this doesn't change the fact that I still have to lift and carry Sadie throughout the day.  I tried to get Brian to buy a wagon at Costco last weekend.  He asked me what for, I told him so I could put Sadie in it and wheel her down the hall to her bedroom instead of carrying her! haha

Food Cravings?  Fruit has been very satisfying, especially melon.  I can eat almost a whole honeydew in one day.  And watermelon helps me with my thirst when I forget to drink.  

I'm still craving salt, but I've been able to eat mashed potatoes, artichokes, and tomatoes and they have satisfied me just as much as potato chips.

Movement? I'm feeling it a lot more.  It's still not consistent, but it's regular.

Gender? I am still a little in shock that we're having a boy.  It's awesome that so many of my friends have boys and they all want to give me stuff though!  Because seriously, everything in my life is pink!! I was even sorting through my yarn today and it's all girl colors.  Plus, this baby is going to be in pink cloth diapers.  Oh well!!

You can read about our ultrasound appointment and see pictures if you go to this post here.

What I'm looking forward to:  Next week we start the group prenatal appointments.  It's something this midwife office offers.  We meet in the evenings and we all have a close due date.  I'm not really sure what we do, but I know there is personal time you get with the midwife so they can measure your belly, listen to the heartbeat, and you can discuss any personal questions.  I think it'll be fun to meet with a group who all have due dates close together!!

Best moment of the week:  Sadie's been at Ryan House all week, so I've enjoyed sleeping in and not having to work so hard!

How baby's growing: Baby might be able to hear my voice soon as his sensory system is developing.  Also, according to, my baby is about as big as an heirloom tomato and weighs 8.5 ounces.  However, my baby, according to my ultrasound on Monday weighs 10 ounces.  This is gonna be a big boy!!
I'm getting ready to go see my students graduate!!

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