Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sadie's first kitten

Just a couple of weeks ago, while Sadie was enjoying her feeding therapy, the therapist started telling me about her neighbor's cat who just had kittens that past weekend.  Immediately my face lit up.  I had been thinking recently that we need another cat.

We had two cats when we moved back in December, but one just simply disappeared.  I still have dreams that he came back, because he was my baby and I loved him.  He was so cuddly and sweet (and had a REALLY loud voice)...and stubborn.  Okay, I'll admit he was more than a little crazy.  But he was super cuddly and I miss that.

We love our cat that we still have, Barney.  Barney came with me from Oregon when I moved to Arizona.  And a few years back, before we had kids, we spent over $3000 on Barney because he got really really sick and needed surgery.  But Barney is a social cat, and he needs a friend.

The other reason we need another cat, a kitten, is because Sadie LOVES Barney.  She loves to pet him and she always perks up when she hears him or sees him...but he doesn't love Sadie with the same passion.  Usually, one of us holds Barney with both hands and the other one helps Sadie pet him.  It's kind of humiliating for the cat, which we explain to him would be better if he'd just cooperate, but he's not willing.  I guess you can't teach an old, new tricks?  We need a kitten who grows up knowing Sadie and loving her, a kitten who will sit with her and sleep curled up next to her in bed.

Last night, we finally got over to visit the kittens.  They're 3 weeks old now.  They can meow (and hiss and spit!!) and their eyes are open, but they still don't walk very well.  They're so cute as they teeter on their weak little legs and try to walk to their Mama or back into their little "house"!

I told Kim, the therapist, we wanted the "blonde" one because I'm partial to orange kitties...but I didn't expect him to be this color.  He's almost white!  I've never seen a cat this color, he's SO CUTE!!  I put him in Sadie's lap and I told Kim that if curls up and goes to sleep, I'll consider it fate.  She was like, "good luck with that!!"  But he did, and it was so sweet how he kept trying to bury his face, and then Sadie would stretch or, in her spastic way, try to pet him, and he'd get all disturbed.  She did successfully reach out to him and pet him once.  It was obvious that they were in love.

I can't wait to bring this little baby kitten home in a few more weeks.  Sadie is going to love him so much!  Her very own baby!!
Look at that sweet face!!  How can you NOT love baby kitties???

Starting to get sleepy and comfortable with Sadie.

He finally gave up and settled in and closed his eyes.

I think he was listening to Sadie breathe and that was comforting

So sweet

I think Sadie was trying to kiss him.  He finally found a good spot where Sadie wouldn't bother him too much


  1. Squeeeeeeeeeal!!!! I don't know what it is about new kittens, I think it should be babies at this point that I get excited about, but no it's kittens! SOOO cute! I want!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so sweet and adorable!