Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy & Me Monday #2

Random Musings and Future Thoughts...

1. I have become a giant prego-saurus and I look more ridiculous than normal when I dance to "Boogie Shoes."

2. Sadie's stander came today, but we can't really use it yet because we don't know how.  We need the PT to help adjust it correctly and to show us how to strap Sadie in.

3. I learned from the CRS Wheelchair clinic that our best route for a new wheelchair is going to be to trade in the one we have and claim that for medical reasons we need a different one.  (Still working on this, more to come in the future)

4. Tomorrow morning we have Sadie's transition to preschool meeting and I am leaning toward sending her to the school district, as opposed to foundation for blind children.  (I will also report more on this, probably tomorrow)

5. I am trying to not call Sadie "my baby" as much, because technically she's not the baby anymore...or won't be very soon.

6. It was 106 degrees today when I was out running errands, and likely it went up a couple more degrees before it started cooling off.  And tomorrow it's going to be the same.

7. My neighbor and I are thinking about buying and modifying an indoor playground business.  (I may or may not have more on this in the future depending on what we work out)

8. The cashier at the grocery store yesterday asked me, with confidence, when I'm due.  I have officially crossed into the land of looking pregnant and not just fat.

9. I have been working hard to drink enough water, and learned that, as long as I set goals and remain conscious of them, I can keep myself sufficiently hydrated... even when it's 106 degrees outside!

10. Tonight Sadie ate something very different for dinner (pureed beans and lentils that have been frozen don't defrost well).  It was a dry texture, almost like canned tuna fish or something and she had to chew a little and she choked a couple of times, but all in all, managed it very well.  So, I rewarded her with some strawberry yogurt for dessert (yes, my kids will get yogurt for dessert!).  So, here's my Mommy & Me Monday picture of Sadie being proud of herself for eating so well and enjoying her yummy strawberry yogurt!!

who is that prego-saurus feeding my child?!!

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  1. Okay...cutest blog design, really.

    Wow! May I honor you for all you achieve everyday? I have no idea what you are up against, but you seem to have done more this week than I've accomplished this year. Congratulations on the new baby.

    I have relatives with the last name Dad's first cousins.

  2. yay for prego-saruses....or however you spell that lol!! you look beautiful!

    happy new follower here

  3. Pregp-saurus? Hardly!

    And, we do yogurt and fruit for dessert all the time.

    (I did beans at one point in the freezer pureed, but I have no idea how they came out).

    Can't wait to hear other news.