Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girl World vs. Mommy World

I looked and looked on you tube for this specific scene in Mean Girls (sorry if this goes over your head, I love that movie!) where Cady goes home to Regina's house for the first time and all the girls go up to Regina's bedroom.  The 3 mean girls (Karen, Regina, and Gretchen) are over in front of the mirror examining their bodies and their skin and their hair and complaining.  They're saying things like, "my shoulders are huge," and "I hate the shape of my eyebrows."  And Cady's inner monologue is talking about how she used to think that there was just ugly and pretty, but in girl world, it was much more complicated.  So, then after they spend all this time complaining about their looks, they turn to Cady, who is on the bed, and they wait for her to join in.  She has high self esteem and all she can think of is, "sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have really bad breath."  And Karen goes, "ew."  hahaha!!

This is how I feel sometimes when I'm around other Mommies and they're complaining about their husbands.  I want to say that special needs mommies especially complain (more stress on their relationship?), but really, I don't hang out with too many other mommies, so I am guessing they all do a fair share of complaining.  They talk about how he doesn't understand that what she does all day IS work.  Or that he doesn't spend enough time with the kids.  Or he eats out almost everyday with his coworkers, but then complains when she wants to have a night out at a restaurant with a friend.  They are the girls all hovering around the mirror complaining about how horrible their skin is, how fat their arms are, and how boring their natural hair color is.

And I'm Cady, sitting on the bed.  And when they all turn to look at me to see what I'm going to contribute (because to be part of this mommy club, you have to complain about your husband, apparently), all I can come up with is something stupid like, "sometimes when he sweats his armpits smell like sour ranch dressing."

And in my head I can hear Karen from the movie go, "ew."

Honestly, I don't have any complaints.  I am married to a good husband.  And he's a good dad.  He understands that I need to get away and do stuff with my friends, or without Sadie, and he gladly lets me go (within reason, of course...and I don't abuse this).  He gets that I'm tired, even though I have been home all day...because I haven't just been sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching soap operas (are those even still on???).  He knows that he can change a diaper without help.  He isn't helpless to put Sadie to bed or give her a bath/shower or feed her.

And he does the laundry.

And the dishes.

So when I go out and these kind of husband-bashing conversations are going on, I just sit quietly and hope that they don't look at me to contribute, because I don't really have any complaints.  But seriously, sometimes those armpits do get a little nasty!!

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  1. I have all of those complaints, but I keep them to myself. I'll sit quietly with you but for different reasons! :) You got a good one, Hi Brian!