Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Normal Kid???

I spent quite a bit of time with and around babies and little kids this last weekend.  I'm happy to say there was only one time that I felt sad...okay, maybe 2 or 3.  But it's not like it used to be!

Mostly, I wondered what my life would be like if Sadie was normal.  It's so hard to even imagine since I've never had a normal kid!

Then I started thinking about all the things that make Sadie easier than a normal kid!

***When she wakes up in the night, I can just leave her in her bed because she doesn't know how to get out.

***If I need to work, I can sit her in one of her various chairs or lay her down with her toys and she'll stay right where I put her.

***She doesn't try to roll over, crawl away, or run when I'm changing her diaper.

***I am not distracted when I want to sew, knit, or blog by toddler chatter.

***She doesn't run away from me...ever.

Granted, there are plenty of things that make taking care of Sadie much more difficult and complicated, but those are just normal things for us.  We plan ahead because it takes longer than normal to get packed up and in the car.  We make sure our parking spot has enough room to deal with the wheelchair.  We take multiple trips to the car because carrying Sadie is ALL I can hold at one time.  We put the Bumbo in the shower.  And we make purees.

I am nervous as to what life is going to be like with a new kid, a normal kid.  I've never had a kid who learned to crawl, can put things in his/her mouth, or knows how to chew!  It's almost like being a first time parent all over again!  I'm not really sure how to prepare for another kid.  I'm not sure what to expect.  I guess in some ways it'll be easier having a normal kid...but right now it's the unknown, and the unknown is scary.

We've gotten to know Sadie's little quirks and noises and cues.  I can tell when she's tired or something hurts.  I know what she likes and I know what makes her mad.  I know what noises to make that distract her and pull her out of her spastic stress moments.  I'm going to have to relearn all this stuff with a new kid, and it's weird that it won't be the same.

Despite all this nervousness and anxiety about a normal kid, I'm excited.  I'm excited for a new experience.  I can't wait to teach him/her to crawl...and hopefully Sadie will start learning at the same time!  I can't wait to breastfeed again.  And I'm excited for a kid to walk...because I don't know how I would carry 2 toddlers to the car!!!

Anybody that reads have a younger child who isn't your special needs child?  What things did you find surprising the next time around?  Maybe things you weren't expecting?  Or things that you were and you greeted happily?


  1. I can't imagine the difference. I have a cousin who has an older special needs child ( It will certainly be a different experience.

    I saw your comment about Mommy and Me Monday, so I thought I would try to help.

    Basically, you put up a post with a picture of you and your kid/kiddos, then you use the grab code (just click in the box and copy and paste the code for the button in your your post) and hit publish. Then, once published, click on the title of the post and it will take you to the url of that particular post, then past that url to the post in the linky where it says enter.

    Then, go visit other Mommy and Me posts and comment:)

    Hope that helps...

    1. Thank you, Krystyn! I tried to link up early and just put the web address of the blog. If that doesn't work, I'll try again next week!!

  2. Catching up on Blogs today! I of course have no idea what raising a child like Sadie is like and I don't try to pretend that I do. I can only say that you are correct in the fact that you will have to learn and re-learn. Each kid is different (special needs or not) and you adjust accordingly! You will be fine...I promise. :)