Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mommy groups are saving our lives

Watch this first, then let's discuss...

Here's a basic rundown of what's happening... stress is killing us, but being around people who we can share our stress with, where we can let it out, is actually saving our lives.  And that's where Mommy groups come in.

I have mentioned before that I am part of a special needs mommy group called Mighty Moms.  We mostly interact through a private group on Facebook, and there are many women I would not recognize in a crowd, or who I've never even met, but who I consider my friend.  Because we understand the struggles of a special needs mom/family/child.  We all have stress and we're all frustrated with the way something is done regarding our child(ren)'s care, or the way someone treats us from time to time.  We are all stressed out.  Some more than others, but all.  There are women who are part of this group who have multiple special needs children, whether they've been adopted or born to them, I can only imagine the stress they're under!  And the fact is, for all of us in these high stress situations, our telemeres are getting shorter and shorter.  We need each other.

I've never been a mom of a typical kid, but I can imagine there is a certain amount of stressed involved in that as well.  If your child has trouble sleeping, maybe they're colicky for the first few months, maybe your toddler is strong-willed, etc.  This kind of stress is also shortening your telemeres, just the same as my stress is shortening mine.  And you just might find comfort and healing from a Mommy group.  Maybe you do stuff together with your kids (trips to the library, the pool, the park, the children's museum...I don't know what typical Mommies do!!), or maybe, like Mighty Moms, you go out once a month without your kids and drink have dinner together.  Either way, I encourage you to find a group where you can let down your hair.  Get away from normal life and take a break.

And if you can't find a group like this...start one.  I promise you it's easy to start a facebook page, and once you have a couple of friends, you'll start getting more and more who want to join the group.  You can create events on Facebook and invite your Mommy friends, without spending hours on the phone or emailing a ton of people.

Just do it.  It will save your life....there is scientific proof.


  1. I completely agree! I was a part of a Mommy group when my kids were 3 and 1. I am still friends with those ladies today - my kids are now 15 and 12. My Moms Club friends and I try to meet once a month for dinner or breakfast. Many of us have returned to work and a few have moved away. These friends are dear to me and I still would be lost without them! ;)