Sunday, May 27, 2012

Playing in the sprinklers

Last week it was really hot.  I mean, like there were a couple of days that temperatures were 106-108 degrees!!  The kind of hot where you don't leave your house...and if you do, it's to go to the pool.

My neighbor and I decided we'd like to try playing in the sprinklers with our kids.  I have grass in my yard, so she came over here, we set up the sprinkler and I sat Sadie out there in the giant bumbo while the other kids ran around, sometimes sat, sometimes wanted to get wet, etc.  Sadie loved it.

I think this might be something we'll have to do again!!

I took a bunch of videos, but they were boring.  These were the two that were most fun to watch.  Sadie started out leaning way forward in the chair, but once she realized she liked the water, she figured out that if she leaned back it would sprinkle on her face and she thought that was great!!  You can really see how strong she is in these videos.  She can pull herself forward and back, it's like she just doesn't have balance, and that giant bumbo gives her just enough support that she can do it, but then can rest when she's tired.

This is what I mean... You can see from the pictures below how she started out leaning forward, then ended up leaning back.  And I didn't touch her, I just sat and watched her the whole time while she was enjoying herself!  In the second picture, in that position, she even managed to push so hard with her feet that she would start to lift the giant bumbo off the ground a little bit.  It would have scared me if I didn't know that it's so wide there was no way she could fall over in it!!

This little girl loves water.  And when it's 108 degrees outside, this is the perfect activity for her (and me).  After a while, she was shivering, so we decided to go in, but she was out there for probably 45 minutes.  Now I know that if we ever get invited to play with friends at one of those splash pads, we just need to bring the giant bumbo and some sunscreen!!

What do you do when it's hot outside and your kids need some activity???


  1. This was so cute! We love those spray pads, there is only 1 free one over here though and it's about 20 minutes away, might as well drive to the beach. If it were up to me though, it's inside with the A/C/ on everytime. :)

  2. I can't play the video, Christie. I missed the chance of seeing how Saddie played in the sprinklers. But I can see in the photos that she had fun sitting pretty on the chair.. She's like sun bathing! Hehe! Your sprinkler system serves a dual purpose. While you ensure that your lawn is getting the right treatment, your daughter is having fun at the same time. Great, isn't it? :)

  3. I thought sprinklers are only good for vegetation purposes, but your kids definitely discover a new use for it. I can't really blame them; a 106-108 degrees is really one hot day, and this is certainly a sweet treat. _Raquel Howell_ @

  4. Please, could you tell me what kind of chair(orange) that is next to the bumbo seat? I have been looking everwhere for a chair like that?

  5. Please, could you tell me what kind of chair(orange) that is next to the bumbo seat? I have been looking everwhere for a chair like that?