Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's the beginning of a new year and Sadie started it out well! After a good night's sleep, Sadie spent much of the day eating, entertaining herself on the floor and napping. There was only a little crying, but it came with's that for a silver lining? She even managed to suck a half ounce or so of water out of the bottle! This is our big goal right now that we're working on daily. That she can do it at all is HUGE progress.

Because Sadie required so little maintenance (except that she still needs to be held when napping) I was able to make bagels, greek flat bread pitas, and some hummus to dip them in! I really enjoy my new mixer I got for I need to figure out who to give my bread maker to, since I no longer need it or use it! I'm starting to think having a disabled child has its blessings, since I can still lay Sadie down on the floor and she stays there, I am able to do more than I might if I spent all day chasing her around the house! As much as I want her to be mobile, I will appreciate the convenience her immobility is for now.

I also bought Sadie a birthday present today, it's probably the only thing she'll get from me (besides her party). It's a shirt with a 1 appliqued onto it. The idea is that she'll get one for her birthday every year to take a picture in...maybe next year I'll be organized enough to make it myself instead of spending $11! You should check out this lady's etsy shop, she has some fun stuff. Trisha B. Designs I love etsy. I also bought a birthday banner from her...something else I didn't get around to making! At least I'm organized enough to get these things at all in time for her first birthday! Some people manage to take pictures of their babies every month and write down every first in their baby books. I have a baby book, that's about it. And if I can get her picture taken every year in a shirt with her age on it, I'll consider it success!

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