Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today Sadie was a SuperModel

Today, Sadie and I went to PCH to take some publicity pictures. They are re-doing a lot of their marketing (I'm assuming because of the new building they just built), so they've spent the last couple of weeks taking pictures of kids with doctors and in different places in the hospital. We were originally supposed to be taking pictures in the cardio department with a doctor there, but, like with anything, plans changed.

So instead, we just stood there and looked pretty while they snapped away.

Sadie DESPERATELY needed a nap when we got there, and she fell asleep immediately. I actually had to wake her up to take pictures. And in typical Sadie fashion, she was happy and smiley as soon as she woke up.

Unfortunately, we probably won't get to see these pictures until the spring. But, I will make sure I show them to everyone! Or who knows, if you live in Phoenix, maybe you'll see us on a billboard or the side of a bus telling how great PCH is!

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  1. How awesome! Can't wait to see them. Bree had her pictures taken last time we had a GI doctor visit. :)