Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today Sadie needed to suck. This is not unusual. It's actually pretty funny because she'll lose her latch when nursing, but she won't stop sucking. She will continue to suck on nothing for another 20-30 seconds. Normally I will just laugh at her and wait for her to finish, maybe pull on her cheek a little, but today I didn't have the patience (thanks to a couple of students who used it up), so I just stuck my finger in her mouth. And then I felt it...

A tooth.

Immediately I texted and emailed everyone I know. I posted on facebook, and I started forming this blog post in my mind. We've only been waiting for these teeth for 8 months!! It's strange though, I always expected the left one to come first, but that right one snuck up on me and broke the surface before I even realized it was there! I guess it's like a watched pot...a watched tooth doesn't cut through.

Now that it's after 8:00pm, and she is screaming her head off and won't sleep, it's not so exciting anymore. My prediction is that the left one will break the surface by the close of business tomorrow. And Brian is leaving town at 7:00 in the morning...overnight. And I see a big bowl of crazy in my future. Tonight we've administered orajel and Tylenol and I'm just praying they kick in SOON!!

And then I'm sure by the time my best friend gets in to town, Brian comes home, and my mom arrives all the drama will be over. At least they'll get to enjoy all the cuteness that comes with those two bottom teeth and a mouth full of gums!

Also, for those of you keeping track of the poop situation, we finally got things moving down there. It wasn't pretty when it started coming out, it was like every other diaper was a blowout! But, we got her cleaned out and now she's more regular. And even though we don't like changing poopy diapers, we're REEEAAAALLLY happy that she's going!

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