Friday, January 28, 2011

Sadie's 12 month checkup

We saw Dr. Wendy yesterday. Sadie had a good trip to the dr. No car screaming at all...and then she got fussy about when we walked through the door of the building. But it was nothing a little nursing couldn't cure. I love when you're 10 minutes early for your appointment so you think you have a little time to sit down and nurse your baby in the lobby, then they call you back early. But when you're late...then they make you wait. So backwards!

Sadie got weighed and measured and then we went over what medications she takes and how much she gets blah blah blah. When we finally saw Dr. Wendy, it didn't surprise me the first thing she said, "do you believe her weight? Do we need to reweigh her?" Nope. She's skinny.

Sadie barely weighs 18 pounds. And she's been at that weight for about 4 months. 4 months ago it was fine...but everytime we've come back to see the dr. she drops on the charts for weight. At her 9 month appt she went from the 50% to the 25%. Now she's at 0%. The funny thing is, she's so tall she's going up in percentiles in length! I think she's also fighting her genetics. Brian was a skinny baby, and a skinny child, now he's a skinny adult! Sadie is built a lot like her daddy.

At 9 months, we talked about getting speech/feeding therapy involved...which of course didn't start until this week. Now we're talking about getting GI involved. Dr. Wendy says, "only because they have nutrition specialists in that department." There is no talk of a G-tube...yet.

For now we need to beef Sadie up. Wendy wants to see her again in a month to reweigh her. We have 4 weeks to pack pounds (ounces?) on Sadie. We want that weight to increase so that we don't have to go see another dr. So, we're adding oil to Sadie's food. Olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil...did you know these are all about 130 calories per Tablespoon?! That more than doubles a serving of Sadie's food at a meal. She should be getting close to 800 calories a day (according to the internet) and she's probably getting barely half that. It's hard because we can't just sit Sadie in a high chair and give her a pile of cheerios to feed herself. Eating for Sadie is work. And she can do it, but it's work. We're also trying to feed her snacks. She's getting better at eating finger foods (although it's more about mommy and daddy's fingers than Sadie's) and she got these freeze dried yogurt bite things for her birthday that she really likes. She sucks on them and they melt and stick to the roof of her mouth and she works on it and works on it. They keep her from being bored, they get her more calories, and they make her practice using her tongue and facial muscles. So, those are really good too.

Beyond the weight thing there weren't really any concerns at the checkup. Sadie is going to get another vaccine, but I requested that we wait until 15 months as she was a little sick this week. We've all been a little sick this week. We looked at her teeth and talked about how we can't believe it's been a year. We discussed equipment and letters of referal from PT. I told her that now that we have long term care we have respite and everything is free again. And then we said goodbye.

It was a pretty good it's time to go feed my baby again.

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