Monday, January 3, 2011

The thing about the paci is...

I love that Sadie will now take a pacifier. It's made so many things so much easier. But the thing about the paci is that she's not real good at it. She'll suck on it, but often you have to hold it in her mouth or she'll inevitably spit it out. This isn't a big deal if she's sound asleep...but if she's not she'll wake up immediately when she realizes there's nothing in her mouth to suck on.

Usually by this age, actually way before this age, babies have enough dexterity that they can put the paci back in their mouth. That would be nice, I could lay her down in her bed, she could grab the paci and stick it in her mouth and suck herself to sleep...maybe someday, but not yet.

So, am I a bad mom that I want to rig up some device to keep the paci in her mouth? A friend told me that when she would swaddle her babies when they were real little, she would just wrap the swaddler thing over their mouth to hold the paci in. So, I'm not crazy...or the first mom to consider something like this. I got the idea the other night when I laid Sadie on the couch and kind of angled her downward, putting a pillow up against the paci to keep it in her mouth, she fell right asleep.

I was thinking some kind of elastic that's not real tight, so that it can fall out if her mouth is agape with sleep, but tight enough to keep it in there so she'll stay asleep. This would eliminate the need for me to sleep with one hand against her face at night so she'll keep sucking. Is this dangerous? Should I just tough it out? I am desperate. Any other ideas?

UPDATE: I did it, and it sorta night. It didn't work too well at nap time once she realized I wasn't there she woke up. But she did nap for 10-15 minutes! See?

We'll keep working on it!


  1. I have done the pillow thing and the swaddle thing. Haven't had the guts to try elastic or duct tape but believe me I have wanted to sooooo badly. You are not a bad mom. You want your baby to get some sleep and that can only be done with soothing and that soothing comes from sucking. You are seriously one of the best moms I know. Love you.

  2. I heard about these on the radio a while back - the dad said the weight of the animal would help keep the pacifier in place so his baby couldn't spit it too far away, and their website says they use them in hospitals, so it must be safe!

    Love your blog design too, btw!

  3. try hair set tape... i found it at walgreens/cvs when i needed it a few years back. i had a funny reason for needing it - when i was in middle school i was going through tongue thrust therapy because i swallowed wrong - go figure. part of retraining all of my mouth muscles was learning to sleep with my mouth closed, so i would literally tape my mouth shut at night. it's a soft fabric tape that doesn't hurt at all. give it a shot!

  4. We used to do the swaddle blanket trick... :)

    I had wanted to figure something out for Bree when she got too big for swaddle blankets but hadn't figured it out yet. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I totally did the swaddle blanket thing with dominic when he was little. He was a paci addict and didn't give it up until he was just shy of 3! You are not a bad more. Hope you find something that works!