Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sadie's first New Year's Eve

Last night we participated in Midnight Madness. And madness was really what it was. I found this 3 mile race to run on New Years Eve months ago when I was looking for races to enter to prepare for my half marathon. I always planned on doing it. But then there was talk of Brian having to work on New Vegas. So, I called my friend and asked if she wanted to walk the course with me, after all, it said dogs and strollers welcome! We got it in our heads that we were going to do this. Then Brian's plans changed and he was going to be here after all...and we invited our husbands.

This was before we knew it was going to be the COLDEST week in Phoenix EVER!! Seriously, down to the 20s in the night, barely getting to 50 during the day. It's like we never left Oregon...except that it's dry. But if there were any kind of moisture, it would probably snow. How weird would that be?! Snow in Phoenix?! We majorly layered Sadie up: a onesie with socks up to her thighs, fleece footie jammies, pants and a sweatshirt, a fleece coat and mittens. She was still cold. One thing I learned though is that the weighted blanket actually makes you COLDER if it's cold outside, because it's filled with glass beads. So, those get cold and make the fabric cold. Good thing we brought a different blanket also!

Anyway, the race didn't start until 10:30. Sadie whined for about the first mile, then the screaming started. She was cold and tired (and she can't just fall asleep in her I long for the day she is able to put herself to sleep!) and she wasn't having ANY of this 3 miles of walking business! So, we finally just ditched our friends and started running. Then I carried her for the last half mile or so.

When we finally reached the finish line, I held her tight, put the pacifier in her mouth, and she was out in seconds. Silly baby. On the way home, I sat in the back with her and held the pacifier in her mouth (she's still learning how to keep it in there herself), and she fell back asleep. It was nice that she was so tired because when we got home, we were all able to just go to hours of bouncing and nursing trying to get her to sleep. And I held her tight under the covers because the poor thing was SO COLD!

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