Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blessings in Bunches

First of all, I'd like to announce that Sadie slept in her own bed in her own room last night for the first time ever all by herself!! 12 hours she spent in there without a peep...we were worried she was dead. Nope, just being a big girl!

It was a little weird at first and I had a hard time falling asleep knowing that she was on the complete other side of the house. But I have a cold and eventually I stopped listening as hard as I could to the baby monitor and just fell asleep.

I was thinking about it and I think the last time Brian and I slept without her in the room was the night we decided to unplug her and let her go. That was over a year ago!! It feels good to wake up after a night of not being concerned about tossing and turning and having a baby glued to the side of me. I'm a whole new me!

Second, Sadie had her first feeding therapy yesterday afternoon. Her goal is to just make Sadie more aware of her lips by stimulating them and causing her to realize they exist. This will hopefully lead to more babbling, sucking food off the spoon better, and eventually biting and chewing bigger pieces of food. So, she gave us this little rubber nubby thing that we're supposed to stick in Sadie's mouth and rub around her gums before she eats, as well as rub along her lips. Then she had this tiny little vibrator that she put on the outside of Sadie's mouth to stimulate awareness. As soon as our therapist left, I fed Sadie and I was amazed at how well she ate! Maybe she was starving. Or maybe all that stimulation made her want to eat. I don't know, but I did it again this morning and I had the same results.

She is also doing really well with little toddler food meltaway bites. The ones we have now are freeze-dried strawberry yogurt bites and Sadie just ate like 10 or 12 of them in one sitting, which is a lot for her! We need to get some more calories in her, so hopefully this new skill will open up the possibilities for us to do that.

Finally, we went to see the pediatrician today for Sadie's 12 month well baby checkup (I'll blog about that separately) and we had a nice quiet car trip both ways!! Plus she was a happy baby while we were there!! I'm really enjoying this big girl!

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