Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update on Movement Therapy

Sadie has been going to Movement Therapy every week through the month of December, and starting back up now that we're back from our holiday break. We really like Michelle.

Today Michelle's partner, Diane, was there also. Diane is a vision specialist and worked for The Foundation for Blind Children for many years. Diane has really noticed a change (for the better) in Sadie's vision and works a lot with her when she's there. However, today, Sadie was tired, I suspect her mouth hurt, and all this resulted in BIG grumpy pants!

We stood Sadie up for a while and worked with her vertical instead of horizontal, that seemed to make her happy for a little while. She even played with one of Michelle's fun toys that if you push buttons they make noise, play songs, and light up (I really want to get Sadie something like this).

Then we took a nap break. When Sadie woke up (after about 15 minutes) I showed Diane and Michelle our trick.

When Sadie first wakes up she will lay on her tummy and lift her head, turn it from side to side, look at stuff, even push with her arms, and sometimes roll herself onto her back when she's done. But we can ONLY do this when she first wakes up, so often this is what I do with her when I am making her some food (because she usually eats as soon as she wakes up too!). Both women were really impressed with this.

While we were there I asked if it's more beneficial for Sadie to come weekly like we have been, or to do an "intensive" session every couple of months. An intensive is like 2 appts a day for 4 or 5 days in a row. Michelle said now that she's seen both with another client, she sees MUCH more improvement in a shorter amount of time with he intensive schedule. So, we won't see Michelle until President's Day weekend. We will see her at 9am and 3pm Friday-Monday.

If you are interested in knowing more about Michelle and her business, you can visit her website here. Movement Lesson

UPDATE THE NEXT DAY: Last night I had a dream that Sadie started pushing herself into crawling position after seeing Michelle for an intensive. Maybe this dream is just an indication of what's in my heart.

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