Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Sound Screen

Back in August when we had to spend some nights in the hospital, we found out that white noise is straight from heaven. I quickly downloaded an app on my phone and we played white noise all night every night...until my battery blew up. This week we bought something called the Sound Screen.

Here is a video of how it works.

The thing we liked about this noise machine is that 1. it plugs in, which is nice since we play it for 12 hours at a time and that burns through a lot of batteries. And 2. it's not electronic, just air forced through some holes.

It works great! Sadie has taken 2 naps in her bed this week and went to sleep in there tonight (with some help, of course). The goal is to use it to transition Sadie to her own room.

Wish us luck!

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