Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sadie Turns 1!!

Dear Sadie,

Today you're one. And I love you so much. I remember this day a year ago. I remember being so excited that labor was beginning. I remember Daddy being by my side and doing his best to keep me comfortable. We were so excited to meet you. We had no idea you were sick.

The past year has taught me a lot about babies, about you specifically, and about our family. You are so lucky to have a Mommy and Daddy who love you so much because you are not easy to live with! But, you're cute and when you're asleep all cuddled in my arms, it makes all the hard work worth it.

When we brought you home, we had no idea how long we'd get to keep you. But still, a year later, you continue to amaze us with what you are able to do. We didn't even know if you could breathe without assistance, but daily we get to enjoy your bright eyes, your smile, and your strong will that doesn't give up easily. We thought you'd never be able to suck or swallow, but you and I have a special bond through nursing, something I am so thankful we didn't miss out on, and even at one year old, you love to fall asleep while nursing with Mommy.

Sadie, this year we've had a lot of triumphs. We saw you smile for the first time, we've watched you get stronger at lifting your head up, we've see your first teeth pop through (finally, after some LOOOONG months of waiting!). We've rejoiced as the doctors declared that you are seizure free. We've felt relief when you started sleeping through the night. We are still excited each time you eat a meal of solid food puree, each time you suck on the sippy cup, and each time you fall asleep by yourself with the pacifier. It has been amazing watching you show us what you are able to do.

We've also had a lot of our questions answered this year. We got a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, which helped us know what we're dealing with and how to move forward and help you. We learned of your sensory processing issues and began a relationship with the bouncy chair. We defined your visual impairment and got help in how to work with your vision so that it continues to improve. We know how to help you calm down when you're screaming your head off. We know how to make you happy when you're bored. And we are getting better at helping you sleep when you are tired.

I love you so much. I love your skinny little legs that poke out your diaper. I love your perfect little belly button. I love your squishy arms and your long fingers that like to hold on while you're nursing. I love your red, curly hair that sticks out all over the place when you get out of the tub. I love your crooked nose from the breathing tube at the hospital. I love your kissable little lips that part into a perfect smile when you realize you can see something. I love your big blue eyes with your eyelashes that go on for miles it seems. I love to squeeze and pinch your cheekys, both sets. And I love your baby head.

Sadie, I can't wait to see what the next year brings, and the many after that. What kinds of things will you amaze us with this year? What kinds of things will you be able to do when you're 2? When will you stop screaming in the car?! How many more hearts will you touch this year? What kinds od opportunities will God provide to share our story and the miracle that you are?

I can't wait to see what the future holds. All good things. I can only imagine.

Love, Mommy

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  1. Happy, happy bday, Sadie! And congrats to Mom and Dad, too. You've been through a lot. Beck Mama, I've been meaning to comment forever and to share and compare stories. My son Jack is 6 now and Jack and Sadie's beginnings are SO similar. No time now, but can't wait to talk with you.